The Camarilla

The Camarilla, also known as The White or Ivory Tower, are the ‘Good’ Vampires. They consider themselves ‘Good’ because of a set of rules called The Traditions that they follow.

A Camarilla held/controlled city is usually ruled by a Prince (female vampire ruler is still called a Prince). The Prince controls the city and is generally the ultimate rule of law and authority for the city. There are those in the Camarilla above The Prince, but for the matters of the game, you only need to worry about (and respect) The Prince.

A Prince has a court, made up of Officers, Primogen, and ordinary members. See The Positions.

Check out your Basic Camarilla Lore for more information.


There are other groups of vampires: Anarchs and Independents, both type don’t listen or follow the Prince but generally do not fight with the Camarilla, and then there is Sabbat. Sabbat are generally seen as the ‘EVIL’ vampires by the Camarilla, and almost always at war with the Camarilla. The Sabbat are religious fanatics and have no respect for the traditions or humanity, again, in the eyes of the Camarilla. There are also Mages and Werewolves, Fairies and Hunters, and so many other things but best to learn about those in character.