The Positions

Everyone is familiar with the positions of the Camarilla. I will simply state what I expect of my Court Officers. Although as we work together, their tasks may grow more complex due to the responsibility I place upon them. Should any of the Court Officers catch someone violating any of the Traditions, they are to bring these law breakers before the Court. Any law breakers will be seen in a better light if they surrender themselves to a Court Officer, least the Scourge find them.

Prince: The ruler of the Domain, I have the final say on the going ons of the Domain, and it's protection is my responsibility.

Seneschal: The Seneschal is my right hand, my eyes, ears and voice while not present, and sees to the city in its night to night running. I expect all to follow my Seneschal’s commands and rulings when I am not present, as I trust in her ability to see to the Domain and our Traditions.

Harpy: The Harpy is expected to deal with scandal in all of its various forms, to remain well informed, and to bring word of noteworthy news of what is occurring in the other courts about the world. Also bringing forth debates from the Camarilla at whole is to be encouraged. The Court appreciates the Harpy’s diligence in requesting that those who visit announce themselves to you, so that their welcome might be grander or lesser based off of their actions within other Courts. Boons should also be logged with the Harpy.

Sheriff: The Sheriff is the enforcer of the Traditions and the laws of the Court. He may enforce peace within the Elysium, he brings offenders of the law before the Court for judgment, he scans the barrens and Domain for signs of breaches of the Masquerade and is a feared instrument of justice.

Keeper of Elysium: The Keeper of Elysium has two very important tasks set before them. They are master of the Elysia, all that happens within its walls is of their preview and occurs at their schedule. They may cancel meetings, as she sees fit. They are the host of these events, and it is they who will see to our Court’s needs while present. They are also the Keeper of the Masquerade. If a Breach occurs, it is they who must marshal the immediate resources to cover the Breach, as such, we can and will take command of other’s influences to keep the natures of vampire hidden from mortal eyes, and all will be expected to comply. As such, the Primogen should inform the Keeper of what strengths there Clans can be counted upon when the time arrives.

Scourge: The Scourge’s task is a necessary, but dangerous one. They constantly keeps vigil upon the barrens and Domain, seeking out those who have breached any of the Traditions and keeping uninvited vampires from squatting within the Court’s Domain. They is to bring all suspected violators before the Court for judgment. They has Right of Destruction upon those not granted the Right of Hospitality, after they have been reviewed by the Court.

The Primogen: The Primogen are the advisors of the Prince, representatives, gate keepers and voices of their Clan. A Primogen is responsible for overseeing regions of the city and for gathering the resources of their Clans into manageable sources during times of conflict. Clans may elect Primogen in their own fashion but such candidates are subject to the approval of the Prince and the majority of the Primogen Council. A Primogen can also be discharged from his position via the same manner. This Court is willing to entertain the idea of having more than one elder of the same Clan to sit upon the council, but such allowances are rare.

Whips, Deputies and Lesser positions:  All supportive positions are expected to perform the same services of their parent positions, along with whatever tasks are placed upon them by their superiors, especially when their superior must be absent from Court.