Misshapen masters of the sewers...

 Clan Nosferatu are modeled after the classic Nosferatu. Though they (usually) remain aware and intelligent, all Nosferatu are physically altered in some way by the blood of the clan. Boils, growths, altered features, hairy spots, warts, odd skin colors, animalistic features and even scales sprout on the faces and bodies of these wretches.

As the Nosferatu cannot hope to interact with the rest of society, they must survive on their own, which they do with incredible skill. Shunned by everyone else, the Nosferatu gather in their own groups or avoid contact altogether. The outskirts of civilization and the refuse of society become their homes and sustenance.

As the Nosferatu scurry through the secret byways and catacombs in which they lair, they unearth lost secrets and find hidden caches of knowledge. Indeed, with the incredible stealth engendered as a necessity of their condition, they find it easy to spy on Kindred and kine alike in search of valuable bits of information. Spies and rumormongers of the first order, the Nosferatu parlay such information in exchange for favors, trading with clanmates freely and treating with outsiders for services and boons. 

Some Nosferatu develop their powers of concealment well enough to eavesdrop unnoticed in the middle of meetings of other Kindred, selling their secrets to the highest bidders. Woe unto the outsider who seeks to turn a Nosferatu against his clan, though — in their communal misery, the Nosferatu have forged strong ranks of loyalty. When the only ones to keep company with a monster are other monsters, they develop powerful bonds indeed. 

This clan is commonly found in both the Anarch Movement and the Courts of the Camarilla, and also breeds many Independents.

Their in-clans are Obfuscate, Potence and Animalism.