Prominent NPCs

Lord Etienne

Current Primogen of Clan Toreador in St. Augustine. He has been part of the Domain of St. Augustine since the birth of the city in the 1500s. He is of French descent, and appears to be somewhere between 17-23 years physically. Etienne is an avid patron of the arts, and heavy supporter of his clanmates endeavours.

He can usually be found in Anastasia, the Toreador's territory. Those who seek him out should go through his second, Julie. Her twin sister, Julia, was embraced Ventrue.

Lord Tiberius

Current Primogen of Clan Ventrue in St. Augustine. Formerly a high ranking member of Clan Ventrue, he has spent his last few hundred years in St. Augustine. He does not at all hide his Roman lineage. He appears to be 30-40 in physical appearance.

After being captured and tortured by the Sabbat of Jacksonville in 2019, he has retreated from the public eye to recover his strength.

He can usually be found in Green Cove Springs, his personal territory. It is said he has an estate there and keeps a pit of beasts for those who fail him. Those who seek him out should go through his second, Julia. Her twin sister, Julie, was embraced Toreador.

Lady Stapleton

Current Primogen of Clan Malkavian in St. Augustine. The lone survivor of a 1400s shipwreck, Margret Stapleton came to St. Augustine in Spring of 2018, when a portion of the ship she had gone down with washed up on St. Augustine beach. She had been torpored and trapped in the wreck for centuries, and awoke suddenly in this new era. A former member of the Domain of England, Clan Malkavian took her in and taught her about the 21st century. She appears anywhere from 19-30 physically, and has long white hair.  

papa Mali

The leader of the Independent Samedi in St. Augustine and owner of a large portion of the St. Augustine Docks and the St. Augustine Distillery, an establishment well versed in spirits for both mortals and kindred alike. 

Papa Mali is a close friend and ally to the Court of St. Augustine, as well as being known as a friend to the Anarchs of Gainesville. A powerful necromancer and friend of the dead, he watches of the wraiths of St. Augustine. 

He normally appears physically as a larger, stout Haitian man, with long beaded dreads and bright colored shirts. 

It is said he loves good rum and cigars, and has an affinity for shoes.. the more well worn, the better. 

Julie & Julia 

Twin sisters, embraced to two different clans, Julie to the Toreador, Julia to the Ventrue.

 Julie is Etienne's second, and Julia serve's as Tiberius's right hand.