General Downtime Guidelines

Downtimes are "What my character is up to in between live games session" emails to staff. They describe what you are working towards, if you are acquiring material possessions, meeting people, establishing goals, etc. They can also be used as justification to buy things on your sheet, such as additional backgrounds. You also can grow/use your Influence during downtimes. 

Downtimes are due by 11:59 PM on the Friday (7 days before) prior to game.

All Downtimes are done via email so send them to


1- Think about what your character would like to accomplish in the next two weeks, either to accomplish personal goals, investigate for a plot, or grow as a character.

2- Take a look at what influence you have on your sheet (need to know what we have to work with)

3-Take a look at DARK EPICS INFLUENCE ACTIONS PER LEVEL on the this page to see what actions you can take at different influence levels.

4-Write the downtime! I've attached some examples of past downtimes I have done to help guide what different downtimes can look like.

5-Email it to by midnight on the Wednesday before game.

Example Downtime Emails: Click Here