Born from the ruthless...

calculated vampire stereotype birthed from “Dracula.” Over the years their ranks have moved from ruling nobles to heads of industry and business, but they never forget their roots of royalty. 

While the other clans play at games of status or rebellion, the Ventrue take up the mantle of leadership and guide Cainite society itself. Nobility, sophistication and duty are the hallmarks of this clan. Rulership is a difficult burden indeed, but the Ventrue know themselves equal to the task. Alternately derided and respected, the Ventrue are the framework on which the Camarilla rests.

Power belongs to those who can wield it, and so the Ventrue accumulate prestige, influence and wealth. In order to defend against the plots of subtle foes, the vampires of this clan call on their associates to form staunch allegiances.

Those who rise to heights of prowess through talent, hard work and noble character are the foremost recruits among the Ventrue. Of course, among the older members of the clan, blood will tell; scions of wealthy and noble families are often inducted, with the expectation that their rarefied lineage provides insight and potential beyond that of commoners.

As the rulers of the Camarilla, the Venture hold a noblesse oblige, a duty and responsibility to lead and protect. Members of the clan use their political savvy and influential powers to sway Kindred and mortal politics alike, bringing prosperity to vampires and protecting the society of the undead from discovery. Thus, Ventrue naturally gravitate toward positions of power and authority, or attempt to do so. Even those Ventrue who join the Sabbat take their duties as protectors of Cainite society very seriously, serving as dark crusaders of a holy cause.

This clan is commonly found in the Courts of the Camarilla. Non-Camarilla Ventrue are often considered clanless by those of the tower. 

Their in-clans are Dominate, Fortitude and Presence.