Getting Started

Welcome New and Prospective Players! 

This section of the site is dedicated to you, and making your journey into our game and the World of Darkness an easy one. 

Check out the different sections on Creating a Character, as well as the Clan pages and other parts of the In Character section to get yourself acquainted with our setting and characters. 

New to Vampire: The Masquerade or New to Parlor LARPs?

WE HAVE AN INTRO VIDEO! So You Wanna Be a Vampire? A panel on our game from Swampcon 2021.

 One of the best info dumps for new players I've found is the Podcast by Night Podcast. Take a listen to their First Night and Choosing a Character episodes. I wish I'd known about this podcast when I started. 

Another great place to start is by flipping through Laws of the Night: Revised, the core source book we use, from White Wolf.

You can also reach out to the staff and ask any questions you want. Staff is glad to help out and guide new players into this game. They can be found at

So you've decided you want to make a character. That's great! 

There are a few Routes to do this:

Come to a game!

Staff can sit down with you your first time and help you write out a character sheet.

Check out when our next game is.

Schedule a character CREATION session

If you send an email to, one of our staff would be glad to schedule a time to meet up and help you create a sheet.

Pick a pre-made sheet

Not sure how to even start on making a sheet? Want to have a diving board to jump off? 

Staff has a handful of premade base sheets available to try out or use as a base. We can go over them with you and then help you make it your own.

Just email us at

Make your own!

Check out our Character Creation Guide. This guide combined with a Laws of the Night: Revised book, are the tools you need to create your first sheet.

Feel free to email with questions or to ask for guidance.