The Clans

Vampires are divided into Clans based on their bloodline and their inherit clan skills and clan weaknesses. Below are some generic explanations of the most common Clans of Vampires. Not all vampires will be like the Stereotype of their clan. Click on the Clan Names for more info.

Brujah - Based off the Lost Boys movie, or Sons of Anarchy, very biker like, street thug vampires. Fighters.

Gangrel - Shape shifting Vampires, turn into Wolves, Bats, etc…Survivalists, Hippies, Fighters.

Malkavian - Mentally Unstable/Crazy Vampires. But in Madness some can see the future. Drusella from Buffy is an example. Investigative.

Nosferatu - Based on the classic movie Nosferatu, ugly, live in sewers. However information gathers, computer hackers, and good scouts. They often can change their appearance and do so to disguise their ‘ugly’. Investigative.

Toreador - Artistic vampires, very Interview with a Vampire angsty, beauty focused. They are very social vampires. Social.

Ventrue - Classic Dracula, Mobster like, Elegant suits, often caught in the era they were embraced. This clan is known for having MONEY and connections to Business and interests in Mortal society. Social.

Tremere - Ritual Blood Magic using Vampires. Not recommended for brand new players.

Catiff - They do not have a representative on the Primogen Council. Catiff translates to Clan Less. Basically if you not one of the above clans, or abandoned by your clan you become Clan Less. Usually shunned in Camarilla society. Not recommended for brand new players (because you have no one to support/teach you).

There ARE other Clans! The above are just the basic clans you should be aware of.