Downtimes/XP Spends

XP Spends

All XP Spends and Sheet Modifications are done using our web-based digital character sheet system, Hallergames. 

To access, give the ST Staff an email you want to use, and we will create a login for you. Then you can go to

and log in to view your sheet, so how much XP you have, and request to buy new things on your sheet just by clicking them. 

Here is a Player "How To" Guilde for Hallergames:

Player Guild Hallergames

Basic XP Spend Costs: 

Willpower: 3xp each

Traits/Attributes: 1xp each

Influence/Background: 1xp each
(Need approval via downtimes to purchase)

Abilities: 1xp each


3xp for dots 1-2 (+1xp for out of clan)

6xp for dot 3 (+1xp for out of clan)

There are other things that XP can be spent on, but they are too varied to put on the list.