Noteworthy Locations


Anastasia Island Art Institute, aka AI^2: Territory of Clan Toreador, art institute and Elysium. 

Lightner Museum: Territory of Clan Ventrue, Elysium site

Treasury on the Plaza: Owned by Clan Nosferatu. Elysium.

Crazy Eddy's Amusement Park: Territory of Clan Malkavian. The Winchester House on property is an Elysium. 

Flagler Cultural Center & Library: Territory of the Brujah. Recently Renovated to it's former glory. Elysium. 

USS Dauntless: Property of Vincenzo "Enzo" Rosati, this historical steamboat serves as an Elysium and is long-term docked in Anastasia Island.

St. Augustine Distillery: The Samedi Elysium.  While independent, they recognize Elysium, and invite the Keeper to hold court and keep decorum here. 

Old Governor's Mansion: Elysium, but only on Halloween each year.

Prominently Owned Salons

Beach House: Beach House used often as a Salon, and maintained by the Tremere. 

Cobblestone Tea House: Owned by Charlotte Cartwright, formerly where the Chocolate Turtle was. Salon.

Green Cove Springs Marina Museum and USS Samuel B Roberts: Owned by Charlotte Cartwright.

Other Often used Salons: The St. Augustine Aquarium, The White Room, Villa Zorayda Museum, The River House, and other locations found on the map linked above.

In Town

Old Town: aka the rack for the domain, basically covers St. George st, the cathedral, the fort, etc. 

Green Cove Springs: Territory of clan Ventrue.

Anastasia Island: Territory of Clan Toreador.

Vilano Beach: Territory of Clan Tremere. 

Samedi Docks/Lincolnville Area: Both private boats, as well as those owned by the Samedi ship in and out from here. 

Castillo de San Marco (Main Fort): Very haunted, Osceola was imprisoned there and it is one of the places where he can be found as a wraith.

Fort Matanzas: Haunted.

Lighthouse: Formerly infernal site, cleansed by Kevin Cornell in 2014, Known to be haunted

Old Jail: Haunted by powerful Specters 

Cap’s on the Water: Etienne’s Personal Salon and a local restaurant. Invitation only.

The Monk's Vineyard: Establishment owned by Nathlar Shadowbourne

St. Augustine Alligator Farm: Alligator and reptile farm/sanctuary/research facility. There are currently two independent Setites who have residency with the farm, working with endangered crocodile species.

Surrounding Areas

Matanzas State Forest, South of St. Aug : Traditionally Gangrel Territory, though there have been few in the city as of late who claim or utilize it

Palm Coast: A quiet residential community, formerly Sabbat. New residents are rumored. 

SE Jacksonville: Formerly a Domain, fell to the Sabbat in Summer of 2019.

NW Jacksonville: Sabbat Territory, Lead by a Lasombra named Arturo, though he has not been seen since February 2020.