About Game

We are a Vampire LARP (Live Action Roleplay Game), based in the World of Darkness Universe.

Our chronicle setting is the historical haunted city of St. Augustine, where the current Camarilla court battles the numerous perils of living in the most Haunted Domain in North America. Saint Augustine is a wonderful game setting full of lots of history, ghosts, myths and legends, a premiere location for a game based around Vampires and the supernatural.

Our players make up the 'Court of St. Augustine' along with a cast of NPCs, both allied and enemy. Many evenings of gameplay include In Character conversations and roleplay, backdoor and court politics, city and regional investigations, interacting with the supernatural, and turn based combat (non-physical). So there is something for everyone.

Its important to note, that while our game setting is St. Augustine, we physically play in Gainesville FL, and most of us live in the Gainesville/Ocala/Jacksonville Area.

We play twice a month, 2nd and 4th Friday, from 8pm to Midnight.