Local History

The city of St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin in the continental United States, was founded in 1565, on behalf of the Spanish Crown. We were there, 500 years ago, and have been ever since. 

The first great city of in La Florida, has seen its share of history. The Spanish, the French, the British, pirates.. The Sabbat… The Camarilla… 

The following is a timeline of the city of St. Augustine, and the Kindred who have walked her streets since the dawning of her days. 


Prior to 1513: Members of the Timucuans tribe occupy North Florida. A decadent offshoot from the tribe, the Olutees, inhabit the area now known as St. Augustine and explore the vast underground limestone cave system. The Olutees locate a cave that holds mysterious "Black Water." This cave is a source of nightmares and is considered holy by the twisted medicine men of the tribe. Human sacrifice is common and other member tribes of the Timucuans shun the Olutees.

1513: Spanish explorer and treasure hunter Don Juan Ponce de Leon sights a mysterious coast, lands, names his new discovery "La Florida" and claims it for Spain.

1513-1563: The Spanish launch six expeditions to the area to settle Florida, but all fail for mysterious reasons.

1562: French Huguenots flee persecution in Catholic France and establish Fort Caroline and a colony on the St. Johns River. French Toreador Etienne, a Huguenot, arrives with French colonists.

1563: King Phillip II, realized the threat to Spanish treasure routes posed by the French Colony, named Don Pedro Menedez de Aviles governor of Florida; with instructions to explore and colonize the territory as well as drive out any 'pirates or settlers of other nations, should the be found there.' Nicolas de la Mar, Childe of the Lasombra Arturo de la Mar accompanied the Menendez expedition to learn more about the New World and its treasures.

August 28, 1565 "Feast Day of St. Augustine": Menendez arrived off the coast of Florida. Eleven days later, he and his 600 soldiers and settlers came ashore at the site of the Olutee Indian village known as Seloy. He hastily fortified the village and named it St. Augustine.

September 1565: The French Huguenot with the subtle support of Etienne move against the Spaniards at St. Augustine. A freakish storm wreaks the French fleet off the St. Augustine coast and the French are brutally butchered at what is now known as "Matanzas Inlet" (Slaughter Inlet). The Spaniards capitalize on the French defeat and march on Fort Caroline (modern Jacksonville) and massacre the French Colony. Etienne goes into hiding and a French emissary returned to France seeking help.

April 1567: The French return to Florida, recapture Fort Caroline and exact revenge by slaughtering the Spanish. The French abandon the colony and return to France, accompanied by Etienne.

1567-1586: The Spanish work on consolidating St. Augustine. Nicolas de la Mar begins study of the remaining indigenous natives and learns of the expansive network of limestone caverns including mention of the "Black Water."

1586: Surprise raid by Englishman Sir Francis Drake caught the Spaniards and de la Mar off guard and St. Augustine is burned to the ground. Nicolas sent reports back to his sire regarding the "Black Water" and it's connection with their Families own particular connection to the World of Shadow. He also reported on the blasphemous rights conducted by the Olutees. 


1668: Nicolas de la Mar stopped sending reports to his Sire. Arturo de la Mar dispatched another Childe, Andres Segovia, to continue the work of Nicolas. St. Augustine has begun to grow into a successful colony, owing its success to "God and Church."

1672-1695: Castillo de San Marcos was built.

1702-1740: St. Augustine weathered several attacks by the English. Etienne was gathering support for a Camarilla push on St. Augustine and forms a coterie for this purpose.

1763: Spain ceded Florida to England as a trade for Cuba. The British control St. Augustine. Etienne's coterie sweeps into the city, destroys Andres Segovia and his allies, and proclaims St. Augustine a Camarilla Domain. Prince Jonathan Hartsford of Clan Ventrue, reigns as Prince.

1783: The Treaty of Paris returned Florida to Spanish control. The same year, Arturo de la Mar arrived to take vengeance for the destruction of his Childer and gain closer study of the "Black Water." The Camarilla Keeper, the Tremere Von Kesselring discovered that the Sheriff "Grendel" had been learning blood magic. Grendel cut a deal for sanctuary with Arturo and betrayed the Camarilla to the Lasombra. Grendel's first act was the murder of Von Kesselring. The other members of the Camarilla are hunted down and destroyed, except Etienne and a Malkavian Calvinist named Proctor Cromwell, who went into hiding.

1821: Florida is sold to the United States. Yellow fever epidemic hits the citizens of St. Augustine. During this time, Arturo begins shoring up his new home. Arturo dominates the next 182 years of St. Augustine's nighttime history. Effectively, the city is forgotten in shadow and mystery to the world at large.

1836: Seminole Indian War. Chief Osceola is interred at the Castillo de San Marcos. The war hurt the development of St. Augustine.

1845: Florida became the 27th state admitted to the Union. The colonial capital is moved from St. Augustine to the new state capital in Tallahassee.

1861-1865: Union forces occupy the city and fort, denying the Confederate Navy the largest southern port on the eastern coast south of Savannah, Ga.

1880: Henry Flagler arrived to the old sleepy and creepy Spanish town and decided it would make a great resort town for the rich. Etienne manipulated the locals and aided in the construction of the St. Augustine Cathedral, which he occupied with Proctor Cromwell.

1880-1972: Etienne and Proctor Cromwell are forgotten by most Kindred (except Arturo and Grendel) and the St. Augustine Cathedral was viewed as a 'haunted place' by younger Sabbat and only go there at their own risk. Etienne, Cromwell, and the power of Etienne's cross protected it.

1973: The Samedi choose St. Augustine as a free port for entrance and exit to Haiti. They moved in quietly, and exterminated the few Giovanni that resided in the area. First wave of immigrants from the Caribbean begin arriving. Native wraiths assist in destruction of Giovanni, as well as keeping the deaths unknown to the Dons of the Italian Necromancers. Arturo didn't regard their incursion with too much worry and had an unofficial "you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone" policy. Younger members of the Sabbat enjoy 'proving' themselves by spending nights raiding Samedi graveyards.


2003: Arturo decided to move to Jacksonville and expand his influence in the much larger metropolis. Etienne learned of Arturo's departure and had Proctor Cromwell contact Camarilla members from the nearby Domain of Gainesville and persuaded them to launch an assault on St. Augustine. This coincided with the Settite Praxis attempts in Gainesville.

October 2003: Members of the Camarilla arrived in St. Augustine and began their 'siege.'

November 2003: Carter Johnson claims Praxis, names a cabinet, and establishes the first Elysium grounds within the 'Oldest House' museum. The arriving Kindred found themselves in an Elder war between Etienne and Grendel. Most of the Camarilla Kindred believe Etienne is a ghost.

December 2003: A Nosferatu is tricked into stealing Etienne's cross and the loss of the item allows Grendel to enter the Cathedral and kill Proctor Cromwell.

January: 2004: The Camarilla scrambles to find the Cross and continue its war on the Sabbat. They liquidate several packs of Sabbat. Contact made between the Camarilla and native Samedi population, and borders of control are drawn as part of non-aggression/support treaty.

February 2004: The Sabbat Camarilla battle comes into full swing.

March 2004: Members of the Camarilla locate the Cross and confront Grendel and believe they destroy him.

April 2004: The Camarilla and their allies Clan Samedi makes their big push against Arturo's lieutenant at Fort Matanzas and effectively destroy the last remnant of organized Sabbat power.

May 2004: Arturo begins subtle moves against the Camarilla and sends in probes from Jacksonville. Grendel starts to become active again. The infernalist Tzimisce Piotr begins to stir, with the capstone of Arturo and Etienne effectively stymied.

September 2004: Believing that once more the city has a strong Camarilla presences, the wraith of Prince Hartsford's Seneshcal leads Nosferatu Primogen Zeist to unearth a hidden treasure. Lady Elizabeth of York, the former Ventrue Primogen of the old court was found buried in the Samedi graveyard.

October 2004: Grendel is killed, his spirit captured by Piotr, and subsequently reclaimed by Clan Tremere. The Bloodhunt of Grendel comes to an end, 222 years after being called by Prince Hartsford.

May 2005: Assisted by members of two other Domains, and led by Prince Carter, Piotr is destroyed by Lord Arcanum Ethan Shadowbourne. Relative peace reigns, but Anarch migration from the South points to a push of Sabbat from Miami.

Late 2005: Prince Carter leads the 'southern assault' on the Sabbat of Georgia, and St. Augustine is instrumental in the securing of Savannah, GA, and the recapture of Atlanta from the Sabbat.

2006: Prince Carter is 'assassinated' by Setites and their apostate followers in Orlando, FL at a Princes summit, escaping only by the narrowest of margins, and forced underground. Lady Elizabeth of York seizes Praxis. Six months later, she is called away by Clan Ventrue to Washington DC. Ethan O'Reilly, childe of Carter Johnson takes Praxis.

2007: Ethan O'Reilly abdicates the throne; he is last seen being escorted off the Elysium grounds by his sire after a disastrous reign. This year becomes a tumultuous one, with several changes in Praxis, as chaos begins to grip the throne of St. Augustine, including three Princes in a single evening. The Tremere Colton Tether takes Praxis, giving a measure of consistency back to the realm.

2008: In early 2008, Colton Tether is killed by Sabbat. The Praxis of St. Augustine stabilizes as another Ventrue takes the throne, with the ascension of Leonard Flynn, who guides the city to a victory against the Rebellion.


2011: Nathlar Shadowbourne is discovered to have been missing for 3-4 months, and an impostor infernalist on the throne. After having the Domain doing his bidding unwittingly, and causing the death of Keiran Rylie, the Domain rebels, and the charade is exposed. Andrew Chase seizes praxis, and restores order.

January 2014: Andrew Chase's praxis comes to an end, and with the turning of the New Year, Vincenzo Rosati takes Praxis. All Brujah leave the city, and to date, no new Brujah have stayed in the city longer than a fortnight.

Fall 2014: The city is beset by a rash of attacks on influences. Signs point to savvy Sabbat, or the neighboring Domain of Jacksonville.

December 12, 2014: Christine Strauss claims Praxis. Vincenzo Rosati steps down.

Spring 2015: New coteries begin to shift the power balance, as internal politics begin churning.

Summer 2015: Some mysterious killer of Malkavians begins stalking the city, and kills a visiting Malkavian Primogen. The mystery leads to several dead ends, and spooks enough kindred to go to ground, or to leave.

Winter 2015: The Domain is threatened with annexation by the neighboring Domain of SE Jacksonville (Southside, Arlington, the Beaches). A sudden influx of new kindred to the Domain shores up numbers of those that left.

January 22, 2016: Prince Christine restructures her court, preparing for an inevitable showdown with 'the neighbors'.

Spring 2016: The detente with SE Jax seems to have settled, right in time for the Masked attacker of Malkavians to return, and attempts an attack on Prince Christine Strauss. The assailant flees, uncaptured. 

Spring 2017: The Malkavian assailant is captured, and mute Caitiff named Raven. They are sentenced to Final Death and Executed, a joint action between the Domains of SE Jax and St. Augustine. An Anarch gang has been discovered in St. Augustine lead by a broodmate of one of the Camarilla members of the court. Additionally, there have been rumors of an usual community that has been established to the south, in Palm Coast.

Summer 2017: A group from St. Augustine investigate the city of Palm Coast. It is discovered that the territory is held by a group of Sabbat, and they are introduced to Consul Gregorsky, a sort of Sabbat Ambassador. After an uncomfortable encounter after accepting an invitation to return to Palm Coast, the citizens of St. Augustine have left them to their own devices.

Winter 2017: After noticing the increase of survalence of the members of the Domain, it is realized that the increased actions of Prince of Peace Catholic Church may be the work of Hunters, who eventually confront the Kindred directly, in attempts to "save their souls".

January 2018: The Peacock Prince, Alessio Rinaldi  of Ravenna, Italy , visits the domain of St. Augustine, and grants Christine Strauss the title of "Sovereign Prince."

Spring 2018: After aggressive actions against Prince of Peace by kindred within the city, the Hunters prepare for more drastic action. The members of the domain, taking note of the increased hostility and preparation, launch a plan to destroy them permanently, leading to the arsony and destruction of the Prince of Peace church, as well as the loss of mortal and hunter lives. 

Fall 2018: A summer shipwreck brings a new citizen to St. Augustine. Lady Margret Stapleton, formerly of the Domain of England, of Clan Malkavian. Torpored for the better part of the last century, Lady Stapleton begins her adjustment. At the annual Halloween gather, Papa Mali asks the citizens of St. Augustine to travel with him into the Mirrorlands to save the wraiths of a long forgotten township south of St. Augustine. The wraiths are being herded and manipulated by Sabbat, though from where or what purpose remains unknown.

Spring 2019: A torpored child ravnos is found on display in a tourist trap within the city. Recovering the boy leads to mysterious attacks by lone members of a sabbat pack, attempts to recover the boy.  The Sabbat of Jax seem to be stirring, but for what?

Summer 2019: Crates of all shapes and sizes begin to appear throughout the city. Some contain torpored shovelheads, some weapons, some cash. Lord Tiberius's compound is attacked, and the Primogen taken, likely by the leader of NW Jax, Arturo de la Mar. Tiberius's massive amounts of influence are used to cripple the influence networks of the city. Tiberius is recovered, but not without many losses wounds to the Camarilla of the region.

Fall 2019: Sovereign Prince Christine Strauss announces her coming marriage to the Independent Samedi leader in St. Augustine, Papa Mali, to the surprise and shock of the Camarilla of the SE region.  On Halloween Night, they are wed.. or at least the wraiths inhabiting their bodies are. A favor to the Samedi, in return for assistance against the encroaching Sabbat. 

Winter 2019: The Sabbat of Jacksonville have become more and more aggressive. They attack and sack the Domain of SE Jacksonville, killing the majority of the court. Only 3-5 refugees are able to make it to St. Augustine. The have also taken over Tiberius's former stronghold of Green Cove Springs and have taken up residence outside East Palatka, choking the city of St. Augustine.


Early 2020: With Arturo encroaching, an entity known locally as "The Cat God" began to stir. This creature, disturbed by tainted creatures entering the domain, emerges and confronts the citizens of the city. In this confrontation, a Rose, Margaret Pickett, is lost, and the Blackwell is left unguarded. Arturo takes this opportunity to enter the Blackwell, covering the region in darkness. The Cat God blames the vampires, and demands sacrifice to seal the well. The domain hurries to find a suitable offering, when their leader, Sovereign Prince Christine Strauss, offers herself as the sacrifice. Her offering seals the well forever. In the wake of her loss, Charlotte Cartwright claims Praxis.