Dangerous and Beautiful...

 is the embodiment of clan Toreador. Inspired from the classic deadly yet stunning vampires of the world of Anne Rice, popularized by movies like Interview with a Vampire and shows such as True Blood and Vampire Diaries, these classically beautiful vampires are one of the pillars of vampire society. 

Artists, dilettantes and degenerates make up the ranks of the Toreador clan, a lineage ensconced in sensuality and experience. Whether patronizing the arts or creating works of their own, these vampires are rarely far from the pleasures of expression and beauty. Ultimately, though, whether for aesthetics or indulgence, it is beauty that carries the members of this clan. Works of beauty and history are found among the holdings of the Toreador, and pieces of physical art are not the sole treasures of the clan. Toreador are as likely to work with music, song, literature, poetry, physical beauty or aesthetics as any other form of expression.

From Clanbook: Toreador - Revised Edition

 Bitter infighting divides much of the clan regarding what constitutes "art," but all are united in their zeal to defend the ideals of an and beauty — and sensuality — though artistic expression. Some members of the clan do not possess any notable artistic ability, but they support their clan's interests through their patronage and social graces. 

When a party, ball or showing is arranged in Cainite society, it is most likely a Toreador organizing the event, and it is certain that the clan will bring out its most glittering members in force. In cramped artists' studios or opulent manors, the Toreador surround themselves with the trappings with art in all forms, and carry that elegance wherever they travel and meet.

This clan is commonly found in Courts of the Camarilla. Anarch Toreador are rarer, but on the rise, as the bounds of what art is has expanded, but the roses of the Tower will generally look down upon Anarch roses, and tend to consider it a phase. 

Their in-clans are Presence, Auspex and Celerity.