ATTENTION: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our game is still playing, but in a Discord Server Format to promote Social Distancing. If you are a visiting player or potential new player who is interested in joining us on discord, please reach out to us at staugsts@gmail.com.

We currently play as The Midnight, a local nerd bar located in downtown Gainesville.

Address is 223 S Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

Things to know:

-Midnight has a small dedicated parking lot, but there is also parking available all around the venue.

-The bar offers beer, wine, cider, soda and water. They also have a food menu, with sandwiches, chili, and more.

-The bar has an indoor space as well as outdoor space, and an additional fenced in yard.

-The Midnight Parking Info! A map for parking is below. The yellow square is parking at The Midnight, the next best place is the orange square, the non-numbered spots are open in the lot south of The Midnight, or the orange square on the courthouse lot, which is open after 7, and the last option is the GRU lot which is open after 7, in the red square.