born of legends...

of shapeshifters and human beasts seeded in the mythology of the world. Survivors, woodsmen and animal-lovers make up the ranks of the Gangrel clan, so it's no wonder that they have little use for political infighting or social maneuvering. 

By turns animalistic and insightful, they embody the most fearsome predators among vampires. From their kind come the tales of such horrors as Grendel and the Norse berserkers. The undisputed masters of the wild ways, the Gangrel are feared and respected for their unmatched prowess in survival. Some, it is whispered, even hunt or deal with the dread Lupines; certainly, their clan's shape-shifting powers and animal features bring to mind legends of dire wolves.

The marks of the Beast make themselves known on a Gangrel's visage. Whenever a Gangrel frenzies, she gains an animalistic feature. Further frenzies cause such features to become more pronounced, or introduce new features. Elder Gangrel often barely resemble humans, with cat- or doglike ears, sharp nails, tufts of fur, slitted eyes or stranger features. 

Typically a Gangrel watches a potential recruit for some time, judging the individual's ruggedness, determination and wanderlust. Those who fail the selection process are either ignored, or they become an evening meal. 

Those few who are chosen are Embraced and then left to fend for themselves. The Gangrel sire typically watches from afar, only intervening in dire situations and waiting until the new childe has proven her merit before introducing himself and undertaking the process of instruction.

This clan is commonly found in both the Camarilla, The Anarch Movement, the ranks of the Rebellion, and often as independents.

Their in-clans are Protean, Fortitude and Animalism.