Classic punk vampire trope...

 that came out of movies like Lost Boys, Buffy the Vampire layer and Near Dark, Brujah are the outspoken, passionate, rabble rousers of vampiric society.

Malcontents, punks, rebels and revolutionaries of all stripes make up the ranks of the Brujah. Though the Brujah are certainly a motley rabble with no unifying agenda behind their rebellious actions, they back their ideals with fiery passion matched by few other vampires.

The Brujah have a reputation as fierce warriors; their affinity for war is carried in their blood. Because their weakness is their rage, they are much more vulnerable to frenzy. Quick to anger and always passionate, they have been steadily regaining their position as a clan of lofty philosophers and activists, and are known for mysterious knowledge and power. 

Their elders are philosophers and teachers, well-versed in debate and oratory. Their youth are often passionately idealistic, from gangbangers who despise "the Man" to hackers and social workers. Whatever the cause, a Brujah will defend it to the doorstep of Hell.

As a clan, the Brujah have next to no organization. Outside of the clan, the Brujah adore building structures, and then other Brujah adore tearing them down. Among modern Brujah, the primary structure is the division between the Iconoclast and Idealist factions of society.

This clan is commonly found in both the Anarch Movement and the Courts of the Camarilla.

Their in-clans are Celerity, Potence and Presence.

Artist: Tim Bradstreet
From Lost Boys
From Near Dark