The Traditions

We all know the laws, so I shall not state the wordings everyone is so familiar with. I will instead tell you how I will uphold the laws, and the positions of the Camarilla within our Court.

The Masquerade: Vampires are not real. The Masquerade is the core of the Camarilla, and without it we are dust and ashes lost in the wind. It is the responsibility of each and every member of the Ivory Tower to constantly monitor and seek out even the smallest of breaches of the first tradition. Ignoring a breach by failing to repair it or failing to report the breach to the proper authorities carries the same weight as committing the breach itself. This Tradition is the bedrock on which all others rest.

The Domain: All land subject to our Court is the Prince’s Domain. However, the Prince may choose to parcel out areas within the Domain to those whom prove themselves worthy of holding such an honor. While Domain is granted to a member of the Court, it is considered one part fiefdom and one part personal hunting reserve. Those whom hold Domain are expected to uphold all of the laws of the Camarilla and the Court within their granted territory. This does not give the Domain holder the right to grant  Progeny, the Accounting or The Destruction, however they are due the Tradition of Hospitality within their Domain. Those, whom violate the Domain of someone within the Court of Saint Augustine, will have to answer for the same crime twice, once for the Prince and a second time for holder of the Domain.

The Progeny: The right to give unlife is the Prince’s and those whom breach this law shall suffer along with the bastard they make. As of current, there is no restriction upon the creation of ghouls, however should one find that they have more than five such retainers, they should inform their Primogen whom shall inform the Prince.

The Accounting: The nights have proven that all too often neonates are released from their accountings too soon and not of proper stock. As such, if a childer fails the Accounting, then the sire too fails. The punishment will depend upon the weight of the failure. However, once the childer is free of the Accounting, he is an individual within the Court.

The Hospitality: Any Kindred whom enters into our Court’s Domain must present themselves to the Prince. Those that present themselves and are accepted by the prince; will be free from molestation form the Scourge, may be given leave to dwell within the city, to hunt and enjoy the protection the Court has to offer. Those that fail to present themselves, are at the mercy of the Sheriff or Scourge, and are outside the laws of the Court.

***The Harpy has asked that for a guest to enter into the city without informing himself is scandalous. He has asked for this right, and I am inclined to grant this to him fully. In these nights we have a vast amount of ways to contact each other. The phone, the computer and even for the eldest amongst us letters are still in fashion. Send word through your Primogen, to the Harpy or the Seneschal, to register yourself, or else find yourself mired in scandal.

The Destruction: Much like the Right to bring an unlife, the Prince has the sole ability to take an unlife through the Blood Hunt. The only exception to this rule is if a sire wishes to reclaim his gift from his childe before the childer has been presented to the courts and released of the accounting. Once the childe is a part of the Court, the sire looses this right. Should a sire exercise this right, they will face a lesser punishment for their failure.