Kindred 101

  1. You are a vampire. You drink blood. This is generally called the “Kiss.”

    1. You do not have to kill the person you drink from. You can take a bit and be good.

    2. Humans find being drunk from a very nice experience. It is euphoric and generally the euphoria of it blocks their memory of being a human capri-sun. (Unless something on your sheet says otherwise.)

    3. Lick the wound to heal the fang marks, or risk breaching the Masquerade.

  2. General Good/Bad stuff.

    1. Sunlight? Bad. Fire? Bad. Holy Water? Bad.

    2. Garlic, Running Water, etc? Not bad (Unless your sheet says otherwise.)

    3. Stakes don’t kill you, they put you into a paralyzed state. So staking, still not good, not won’t kill you.

    4. Torpor is the word for vampire coma. Usually caused by mass physical trauma.

  3. The Beast

    1. Every vampire has a beast, it is the wild monster inside of you.

    2. In extreme situations, your beast will flare up, bringing you towards Frenzy.

      1. 3 Types of Frenzies: From Anger Triggers, From Fear, and from Hunger

  4. The Sects

    1. There are several distinct groups of vampires (Written from a Camarilla perspective)

      1. The Camarilla: (The one you are likely in) A social/political hierarchy of “civilized” vampires

      2. The Anarch Movement: Rebellious vampires who run in gangs and live outside the Camarilla. More of an annoyance than a threat on average. Fight for supposed freedom.

      3. The Sabbat: Work in opposition of the Camarilla. Religious zealots who crave violence and monstrosity.

      4. Independents: Vampires that choose to live outside all of that.

  5. The Clans

    1. There are different clans of vampires, who are descended from the same ancient elder, who were some of the first vampires. Each clan has abilities and stereotypes. Clans below are those open to new players.

      1. Brujah - Based off the Lost Boys movie, or Sons of Anarchy, very biker like, street thug vampires. Fighters.

      2. Gangrel - Shape shifting Vampires, turn into Wolves, Bats, etc…Survivalists, Hippies, Fighters.

      3. Malkavian - Mentally Unstable/Crazy Vampires. But in Madness some can see the future. Drusella from Buffy is an example. Investigative.

      4. Nosferatu - Based on the classic movie Nosferatu, ugly, live in sewers. However information gathers, computer hackers, and good scouts. They often can change their appearance and do so to disguise their ‘ugly’. Investigative.

      5. Toreador - Artistic vampires, very Interview with a Vampire angsty, beauty focused. They are very social vampires. Social.

      6. Ventrue - Classic Dracula, Mobster like, Elegant suits, often caught in the era they were embraced. This clan is known for having MONEY and connections to Business and interests in Mortal society. Social.

  6. During the Day

    1. You go to sleep. It is a dead sleep, you are basically dead. You cannot “stay up” even if hidden from the sun, without either expending willpower to do so, or if you have something on sheet to assist, but even then you are groggy AF.

  7. Haven

    1. A Haven is your home/lair/where you sleep, whether permanent or temporary.

    2. Generally you should NOT disclose the location to your Haven unless you trust someone, and even then.. not a great idea. As you are defenseless when asleep.

  8. Ghouls

    1. A ghoul is a person/animal you have fed your blood. They are now in service to you, you are their master. They will not age.

    2. The more blood you give your ghoul, the more they love you. Like > Love > Obsess.

    3. Ghouls become addicted to your blood, coming off of being a ghoul is like a drug withdrawal.

    4. Ghouls will rapidly age to the appropriate age if unghouled.. depending how long that’s been.. could end badly.

  9. Generation is the potency of your blood. Do Not Disclose your generation to other vampires. They cannot be trusted with this information, ever.