How To- Prince List

Determining the Prince / Year you were Acknowledged

  1. Go to the Prince's List on

  2. Find the city where you are supposed to be Acknowledged (Not embraced, you can be embraced anywhere, Acknowledged would just be where a Prince finally deemed you a full member of the Camarilla (aka you were previously under the Accounting/Didnt need a babysitter anymore))

  3. Find the Prince who was in the correct time range for your acknowledgment (The Accounting can take many years, as little as 3, as many as 10+, you can take this into account when determining embrace vs acknowledged date)

**You Do not need to have been Acknowledged in the same city as you were Embraced, they are separate events.**

  1. Check that there is a Y in the acknowledgment column, and no notes that would bar your acknowledgment.

  2. Run your choice by staff so we can verify the information.

**If your backstory is heavily dependent on being acknowledged in a specific city, get with staff, and we can see who we can reach out to/ work with.

If you need any assistance with this, please let us know, we are happy to assist!